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About The Underdog Foundation

In 2013, RF Buche decided to change the Buche Foods Scholarship program that was offered to area high school seniors.  To encourage and help kids going to college that maybe weren’t the best athlete or at the top of their class, RF created The Underdog Scholarship.  This scholarship is directed towards kids that managed to overcome a seemingly unsurmountable obstacle in their path to adulthood with grace and sheer grit.

After only one year of offering this new Underdog Scholarship, RF decided that offering scholarships to the underdogs of the community wasn’t enough. Out of a need to help more people that may be struggling with an endless barrage roadblocks life seems to be throwing at them, The Underdog Foundation was born.  This foundation is aimed to help people that no matter what happens to them, they keep getting back up and dusting themselves off.  The Underdog Foundation wants to be there to help pick them up.

The Underdog Foundation is a Registered 501-c3 Non-Profit Organization.

Mailing Address

Tax Deductible Contributions can be mailed to:

GF Buche Co.
5709 S Remington Place Suite 107
Sioux Falls, SD  57108

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